Our Story

Hello!  My name is Alyssa Pallett, and I created the Misty Mountain Swop clothing exchange.  I am a vintage and general fashion junkie and yes, I am even a sucker for the convenience of the high street shops too sometimes!

However, I am also more recently an advocator for our environment - which leaves me with a problem - because fast fashion is one of the heavyweight champions of destroying our planet.

Before moving to the city of Edinburgh, where I created Misty Mountain Swop, I lived and studied in New York.  During my time there, I witnessed some really successful clothing store concepts - stores that bought/sold/traded new and recycled fashions.  These weren't your typical thrift/junk shop.  These were trendy hotspots.  They were frequented by musicians, artists stylists, models, actors, designers.  

It got me thinking - second hand clothing is pretty darn cool, and completely ethical and guilt-free!  I love the thrill of finding a bargain on second hand designer pieces, which is why it's my dream to bring a platform to Edinburgh for exchanging quality second hand fashion.

Edinburgh is a vibrant city full of art and creativity, and since Misty Mountain Swop buys directly from it's surrounding population, our store simultaneously reflects and caters to the personality of this wonderful city.

I look forward to sharing my love of second-hand fashion with you.  Venture with me into the wonderful world of conscious consumption and I promise, you will get hooked!

My goal is to build a brand that is 100% fashion recycling, 100% earth-positive, 100% consumption-reducing.