How do I Sell/Trade my garments/items at Misty mountain swop?

You can bring in your items any time during opening hours of our pop-up shops.  Alternately, you can email us at mistymountainswop@gmail.com to arrange a private appointment.  
During your appointment, a staff member will go over your merchandise and discuss pricing on each item with you. Your items will then be inventoried and put out on the floor.

Do you buy merchandise outright?

Yes.  We are different from a consignment shop, in that we do not wait for the item to be sold before you get paid.  We pay for your items on-the-spot, on the same day you drop them off. Please bear in mind that during busy times, you may wait up to 30-90 minutes to be seen by a buyer if you have not pre-booked an appointment.  You may leave your contact details and we will call you when the items have been assessed, if you do not wish to wait in the shop.

What type of clothes do you accept? How do I know
what designers you carry?

We accept a variety of designers and contemporary brands, as well as a selection of vintage. Merchandise is preferred to be in season, clean and in excellent condition.  High end items may not be accepted for "Swap", but we have alternate consignment options for more expensive designer pieces, which the buyer may explain to you at the buy counter.

Do you accept vintage pieces?

We do accept vintage, but because we are different from a vintage or charity shop, we're very selective about the vintage merchandise we take in. The item in question must be either A) from a designer that is still relevant today (ex. Emilio Pucci, Balmain), or B) in sync with current trends. In either case, the item must be in excellent condition. Please use your best judgment when bringing in pieces. 

Is there anything that you don't accept?

We do not accept lingerie (bottoms) or swimwear.  We also will not accept large amount of clothing all at once.  We recommend bringing in no more than 2 medium sized bags of clothing per visit, as our daily swap and buy quotas are limited.  We don't want you to have to lug a bunch of clothes back home and feel disappointed if we weren't able to accept a lot of your items.

Does it matter what time of year it is and what kind of merchandise
I want to sell?

Yes. Our stores are generally more likely to take in merchandise appropriate for the current season. Please gather your items to swop with that in mind.  

How do you decide on prices? How much do you keep?

During your appointment prices will be set at an agreed upon amount, based on condition, demand, brand, and other factors.  Once we have marked the full sale price onto the item, we give you 25% of it's price in cash, or 55% store credit.  Our cash buys are dependent on budget for that day, so if you are only wanting cash for your items, bear in mind we are very selective about the cash purchases we make.  Don't be offended if we can't take your items - there are many factors that affect our buying decisions.  

When will I receive payment fOR MY ITEMS?

Our buying counter makes a decision on-the-spot with regards to if we wish to buy your item(s).  It may take appx. 10 - 20 mins to price your items, and you will receive payment as soon as they've been priced.  There is no pressure for you to accept our offer, and you are welcome to take your items back with you if you change your mind about selling to us. 

What happens to my garments and accessories that YOU DO NOT BUY?

We return all the items to you, or if you do not wish to take them back with you, we can donate unwanted items to charity.  Currently, all donations are sent to St. Columba's Hospice on Leith Walk.  


If you are left with any unused store credit after the closing date of our current pop-up shop, you may:

a) Exchange your leftover vouchers for online coupons by contacting us at mistymountainswop@gmail.com with your full Name, email that you gave us when you traded in your items, and the transaction number on your shop voucher.  

b) Save it until our next pop-up shop.  Your voucher does not expire, so hold onto it or share it with a friend!  

c) Donate your voucher to charity. Contact us for our mailing address, and when we receive your voucher in the mail, we will send the  cash-equivalent value of the voucher to a charity of your choice and send you the receipt.